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FTIA1: Tiare Original

Size 7.6, 8.9 and 10 cm.

FTIA1D: Double Tiare

Size 10 cm.

FTIA2: Tahitian Tiare

Size 8.9 cm.

FTIA20: Blooming Tiare

Size 8 cm.


FTIA10: Maori Tiare

Size 10 cm.

FTIA8: Manoi Tiare XL

Size 19 cm.

FTIA5: Double curly tiare

Size 9 cm.


FTIA28 : Aloha Tiare

Size 10.9 cm.

FTIA4: Twisted Tiare

Size 10 cm.

FTIA30: Tiare30

Size 6.3 cm.

FTIA18: Tiare18

Size 9.5 cm.

FTIA22: Tiare22

Size 8.9 cm.

FTIA44: Tiare44

Size 8 cm.

FTIA37: Tiare37

Size 8.5 cm.

FTIA38: Tiare38

Size 10 cm.

FTIA39: Tiare39

Size 12.5 cm.

FTIA25: Tiare Tattoo

Size 11 cm.

FTIA25: Tiare Fish Tattoo

Size 11 cm.

FTIA25: Brown black Tattoo

Size 11 cm.

FTIA25: Maui Tattoo

Size 11 cm.

FTIAD1-4": Double Tiare Tattoo

Size 10 cm.